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April 30, 2010

Meeting Girls On Myspace And Facebook Evolved and Updated PART TWO MYSPACE

Posted in: Dating Tips,meeting girls,Myspace,Online Dating,Picking Up Girls,Social Networking

So you want to meet girls on Myspace?  I will tell you step by step how to do this,  if you prefer Facebook then read PART ONE about Facebook by clicking HERE

 OK so you want to meet women on Myspace?

First you need a Myspace profile,  you need to set up some pictures of yourself, give some info, and so on.  I will assume you have already done this and I will not walk you through all of it in this post.

 So now to the actual content of the article.  My Myspace strategy is extremely similar to my Facebook strategy.  First you need to find the girls you want to communicate with.  You can first go to Myspace Events at http://events.myspace.com/   Check the events in your area and under the event it will say X number of people going.  If there is an event that catches your interest, check out who is going and see if there are any girls you find attractive. 

If you find some this way then send them a friend request or “add” them as a friend.

 If you do not want to find girls this way or you want other options there is of course the Browse feature at http://browseusers.myspace.com/Browse/Browse.aspx

If you are in a larger area you need to limit the browse more.  Each time you do a search using browse, there is a cap on the number of results you get.  If you live in a large area you want to be very specific for what you are looking for in order to make sure that the results are under the cap.  For example instead of searching for a girl that was between 22-28 years old, you might want to do two searches for girls from 22-24 years old and 25-28 years old.  Since it will be split up into two searches you might get more results.

 The browse is pretty self explanatory there are a few tricks to increase your results slightly that I have discussed in previous articles but for the most part its pretty much just fill in what you want to search for and see what pops up. 

After you search look through the results for girls that you find attractive.  BE CAUTIOUS ABOUT FAKE PROFILES.   There are a lot of fake profiles of girls on Myspace.  If the picture looks very professional and the person has no other pictures its probably fake.  If there is obvious coding errors all over the profile it is probably fake as well.  Also if the girl mentions Yahoo Messenger, MSN messenger, or any webcam site it is probably fake and you should just move on.

So you found some girls you think are attractive… now what?!?

Send them a friend request or “add” them.    So many Myspace dating sites tell you to send them a message but I think it is by far better to just send friend requests.  If they accept your Myspace homepage will say “New Friend” and you will be able to see who has added you. 

 So I sent out a bunch of friend requests and a girl added me! Now what?!?!
Now you message her.  Normally I would say follow my first message advice at http://www.datedemon.com/how-to-contact-a-girl-on-facebook-and-myspace/ .  Myspace however has evolved a bit since that article. 

To be honest there are less quality girls on Myspace now than there used to be and it’s also harder to contact them.   That doesn’t at all mean you can’t be successful, you can be very successful, it just means you have to be smarter about it.

I suggest you send edgier messages on Myspace.  My article about contacting is exactly right but you can definitely spice it up a bit more than that.

Here are some example messages I have sent recently with success on Myspace

I have to say that Myspace messaging has evolved a bit.  You don’t really need to tell a girl how you found her profile on Myspace.  Since Myspace now has a lot more strangers contacting each other its actually assumed you don’t know the person when you contact them.   On Facebook if you friend request someone it is assumed you two have met and are friends.  On Myspace if you friend request someone it is assumed you don’t know each other.   Since this is the case you don’t have to say how you found their profile anymore in messages you can just go right to the “Reason for contacting them and the call to action”

Here is a recent message I have used with success.

“Most girls that rock the red hair and do it well are either goodie goodie or a bit on the naughty side =P    I am betting you’re a little fireball.”

definitely edgy, she has red hair and the fireball comment is golden, as it gives a call to action and something to reply about. 

Try to make your message exciting and short.  On Facebook if you read that article I talk about how I like Facebook Chat better than messaging.  That is still very true.  On Myspace though their chat feature isn’t as good and people don’t use it nearly as often.  Your best bet is to message using the built in myspace mail system.

I hope this helps you guys and gets you some hot dates :)  if you have any questions you can email me at info [-at-]  datedemon.com   

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