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December 20, 2007

Facebook Applications: A Dating Application You Need To Have

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             I recently added a new Facebook application that deals with dating on Facebook. It doesn’t matter what kind of a Facebook profile layout you have or how nice your profile is, with this application the only thing that people will see is your picture. Now before your mind begins to wonder what I mean by dating, I don’t mean this Facebook application will set you up on dates. It is not some miracle application with girls kissing and a line forming of girls waiting to go out with you. You are actually going to have to do some work (if you call it that.)

            Flirtable is an application which currently has over 220,000 active members. This Facebook application works with the same kind of Facebook profile layout as Hot or NOT. The main difference is instead of saying you want to meet a girl based on her profile picture, you click a button saying you want to “flirt” with her. The girls on the program can also send you private messages if they want to flirt with you. That’s the best thing about this application though you can actually send anyone you see a message. So now comes the all important question…

How Do I Meet Girls Using Flirtable???

That’s the best part all of the advice I have given you for Facebook in general and for messaging girls can all apply here because you are basically just messaging girls! This is just another tool for you to meet single girls that want to meet a single guy and it will give you a very good conversation starter since they were on Flirtable as well! Not only that, but the girls can only see your picture so no matter how poorly you worded your profile. No matter how cluttered your profile is with applications or whatever, the only impression she will get is not from your Facebook profile layout but from your picture and your carefully crafted messages.

Well get to flirting and good luck!!

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