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October 29, 2007

6 Tips For Meeting Women During The Day

Posted in: Dating Tips,meeting girls,Picking Up Girls

I made it a personal goal to meet one new woman every day. After about two weeks of doing that, I raised the number to two. It then gradually increased. How many women do I meet per day now? At a minimum four.

Four may not seem like a lot or even that difficult… If I met four new women per day, for one year, that would total to 1,460 women. Yes 4 x 365 is 1460. That is a lot of women.

I would recommend though you start out with the goal of just meeting one. This may sound easy in theory but it is incredibly difficult at first. Not the physical act of doing it, but the mental act of being able to walk up and start a conversation with someone you don’t know.

Here are six tips:

1. Always be on the move. It is like dating inertia, an object in motion will naturally continue in motion and an object at rest will naturally remain at rest. If you are walking around and you see a girl that you want to approach it is so much easier to just continue your walk to them than it is to stand up or start walking from your standing still spot over to them.

2. You don’t have to be perfect. Most women during the day are not like the girls at bars and clubs. They have not been hit on by other guys all day. They do not have their shields raised and defenses up. They will not be expecting a guy to walk up to them. This will not only make them as nervous or more nervous than you are but this also means your opening line doesn’t have to be that great. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be ok enough to get a conversation started.

3. Act comfortable. Even if you are not comfortable when approaching a girl act like it is just a normal event. If you are uncomfortable about it, she will be uncomfortable about it. If you act like it is completely normal she is 100 times more likely to really get into a conversation.

4. Be aware of time constraints. This is a huge difference between a daytime approach and a nighttime approach. When you walk up to a female at a bar, she planned to go out and be social for hours that night. That is what they are there to do! During the day, however, they have many other events planned. They could be on a bench waiting for a friend, on their way to a business meeting, or whatever. You should be aware of or become aware of their time situation and plan your conversation accordingly.

5. Don’t hinge on an outcome. Sometimes it just won’t work out! It could be a busy day for her. It could be a lousy day for her. It could be an anti-social day for her. The bottom line is you never know their situation completely so don’t take it to heart if a few girls are unreceptive to your approach. Not to mention there will probably be a number of times where as said before the woman has a time restraint like a business meeting or whatever event. Sometimes you also just might not be able to get her number or set up a date or whatever before she has to leave. The timing could just be off and you cannot control that. If you go in without an outcome in mind you won’t be disappointed no matter what happens and it is all a learning experience.

6. Fit time into your routine. Make time in your daily routine to meet women. If you are going grocery shopping plan to take an extra 10 minutes at the grocery store in case you happen to meet someone on aisle 7. If you are going to eat lunch, go to a store, or whatever, leave yourself a little time in case you see someone you want to approach.

It takes a lot of guts to walk up to a girl and start a conversation. It is just not easy mentally and that is the truth. Once you do it a few times though you will realize it really isn’t that bad.

Most guys when they see an attractive woman say “Wow! she is pretty hot,” or some variation of that and then they just stand there and watch. I am the kind of guy that now says “Wow! she is pretty hot and I am going over there to talk with her.”

I may get rejected, it may start well and fizzle out, or who knows I may even get her number or go on a date with her right there on the spot. The point is I never know until I actually try. I would rather try and not succeed with a woman I will never see again in my life, than to not try and always wonder what could have been. Not only that but when you do succeed, it is all worth it!!

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