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August 07, 2007

Get More Girls To Come To Your Next Party

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The Ratio

When we are having a social event, as males, we always think about the ratio.

The Question Is: How Can I Get More Girls To Come To My Party?

While this question has baffled the minds of many men throughout the ages, there is actually an extremely easy way you can do this. Not only will a lot more girls come to your next social event but all of the girls attending will Celebrate How Awesome You Are!

Too Good To Be True?

I know it may seem that way. Now everyone may not want to do this. If you have no problems with a little lie however, and don’t want that minor detail to stand in the way of you having an awesome party then this is the right article for you.

Now this article is more geared for those in a school environment whether graduate school, college, or high school but it will can be applied to any age group or anywhere in life.

Parties Always Have Competition

No matter what kind of event you are planning, you have competition. There may be other parties going on at the same time, there may be concerts, local events, family events, work issues, or whatever. Either way, you always have at least some competition for a girl’s time.

So what does this have to do with me throwing a party? You Need A Competitive Edge! In order to have a lot of girls show up to your party you need a competitive edge.

This is where most guys go wrong. Most guys try to get this competitive edge by buying drinks, trying to find an awesome location, trying to remodel his place, trying to have a trendy event, or by using all of his social capitol to talk a girl into coming.

There is an easier way. Instead of spending a lot of money, time, and effort to develop this edge why not use a little lie to achieve the same effect.

Say It’s Your Birthday

What?! I know what you are thinking… my friends will know I am lying… Maybe, but they are your friends! They won’t care. The girls you are trying to get to attend are not in your close friends anyway or at least not close enough to you that they would have your birthday memorized. So This Shouldnt Be An Issue. If any friends mention it to you just tell them to keep it a secret or tell them it is your half birthday or something.

Change your birthday date on facebook and myspace. Now just call all the girls, facebook message the girls, myspace message the girls, whatever just contact a lot of girls even if you barely know them and tell them you are having a social event. Tell them it is your birthday and you would like them to come join in since it will be a big deal to you. After all the lying, the truth comes forward, and that truth is: A LOT MORE GIRLS WILL SHOW UP!!!

Even if they barely know you, girls love birthday parties or at least think of them as a bigger deal than other social functions. Even if you barely know the girl: if you invited her to a normal party chances are slim that she will show up due to the fact that it may not be comfortable for her, if you tell her it is your birthday though, the chances increase significantly! Birthday parties are nice, comfortable, and very low on a girl’s risk meter.

Not only will you get an easy competitive edge, but it will also be an excuse to celebrate you! You are the center of attention! You can even get a cake and do the whole birthday thing if you want! This immediately gives you an alpha male advantage since the focus is on you, you are the leader, and everyone wants your attention. Not only that but since it is your birthday when you give a girl attention it will make it seem like a much bigger deal.

Also you might even get some presents. Now I know that is kind of wrong but you can decide whether you accept them or not and chances are, if someone buys you a present, it means they didn’t come to your actual birthday so why not accept it and just consider it a late gift!

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