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July 31, 2007

Meet Girls Using Facebook HOT or NOT

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Facebook HOT or NOT Application

**This article has been revised as of August 2, 2007 to reflect recent changes in the HOT or NOT application**For Other Application Ideas Check Out “Dating On Facebook: Applications You Should Get”

No matter who you are, you want to add the HOT or NOT application to your facebook profile. If your profile picture is a good picture and you think you will get decent ratings then definitely get rated.

HOT or NOT has a “meet” feature built in. This feature allows you to click yes or no on different girls on whether you would want to meet them or not. This is a very good way to meet new girls that are looking to meet new guys too. Using the “meet” feature should be pretty self explanatory.

The downside to this feature though, is that it seems that very few people actually use it, or use it successfully. While we are definitely saying you should use it as a way to meet new people, you shouldn’t consider it the only way to meet people with HOT or NOT.

Working Around The HOT or NOT System.

Facebook HOT or NOT is still relatively a new application meaning that new girls are being added every day. The best thing is these girls all have self esteem issues to some degree or rely on others to reaffirm how good looking they are to some extent. Which for us that =’s JACKPOT.

Go to the HOT or NOT application sort by female and your network and start rating. It doesn’t matter what, until you see a girl that looks decently attractive based upon your standards. Usually the girls that are getting rated a little lower like 8’s or even lower 9’s or so are best and especially if its just a girl with maybe a blurry picture or something.

ALWAYS, if she doesn’t look like a swamp creature, ALWAYS check out her profile. You seriously might find a diamond in the rough there.

How do I check her profile? You will have to add the HotLists application. You can just uncheck all boxes when installing HotLists except the first one, if you don’t want it on your profile. Once you find a girl that you want to check out click “Send This Person a HotList Gift.” This should display their name.

From there you can look up their profile on your network by doing a search for that name. If you can’t see their profile based on privacy settings at least from there you can send them a message. It takes a little time to do this… find the name… search for it… check out profile… but with the current HOT or NOT system, ever since they removed the profile links :( this is the only way.

The best thing though, is new girls are adding HOT or NOT every day. You might find like a perfect 10 that hasn’t even been rated yet. If this occurs their HOT or NOT fate rests in your hands which of course =’s JACKPOT. For everyone else though most of the 7-9.3 region is considered unconquered territory.

HOT or NOT Rating

How to rate these girls? If you’re the first rater always rate her a 10 (or 9 at the very least.) Everyone else, just rate them whatever until you see a decent looking girl then maybe a 9-10. The trick is if she is an average or above average girl but not amazing, you giving her a 9-10 will make her grateful since you are helping her compete against her cuter friends.

If she is just smoking hot though, I recommend the opposite, give her a 5-7. For girls that are used to hearing they are gorgeous all day, a 5-7 will get a lot more return on HOT or NOT than joining the zombie horde of followers. With these girls you might even want to send them a message like “Your average on hot or not is a 9.9?? Did you pay a lot of your friends to vote for you? I gave you a 7.” Maybe not say that phrase exactly but you get the idea.

That should probably get a response, maybe not a good one but a response. That’s all you need though, that foot in the door. Worst case scenario is you mess up the following conversation or she doesn’t respond and then guess what? You don’t lose anything. It’s Low Risk, Low Effort.

Facebook Messaging

I rated her… NOW WHAT? Check out her profile and see if there is anything that is really unique about her. The stuff her other friends don’t care about or something most people probably don’t know about her. Has she won some award, pageants, is in a band, is in to photography, I mean whatever that’s unique. If you can’t see her profile due to privacy settings or if you can’t find something unique then just send her a message.

Now if you rated her first, send a message like “Wow, I was the first one to rate you on HOT or NOT. You’re lucky I gave you a 10.” Short and sweet. They will usually reply with a “thank you so much” or some other message. Then just check out her profile, which if you couldn’t see it before you should be able to see it now that she sent you a message, and start a conversation with her.

If you weren’t the first to rate her on facebook’s HOT or NOT, send her a message like “HOT or NOT really loves you. I just was on there for the first time and your picture randomly appeared twice in like 10 seconds.” The girl will usually reply with “Did you give me a 10?,” maybe with some context around it. You can try out any other lines on facebook if you want, that’s just the starter kit. Remember that there really is no way you can lose, they just don’t respond or things go badly in the conversation, either way you aren’t any worse off than back where you started.

After you get a few facebook replies it all comes down to your online conversation skills. Using this application alone, you should be able to find at least 3-5 awesome girls to send a message to TODAY. Your dating success just depends on your standards and how much time you put into it. You really have nothing to lose by facebook messaging a ton of girls this way. You may even get some awesome dates!

Facebook Self Promotion

If you do get decide to get your picture rated on facebook, this application can benefit you in a few other ways. First of all, if you read the post about how to set up your profile picture, your picture should be pretty tall.

This means that if you add the facebook HOT or NOT box to your profile you should put it on the left side of your profile, by clicking and dragging it, and it should be located somewhere near your wall. Most girls and other people look at your wall when viewing your profile and if you have a picture of yourself beside it, it’s great for making them check you out again and for self advertising purposes.

The second most important benefit is that if you’re rated well, other girls will see that when rating you or going to your profile and that alone will almost peer pressure them to a degree into liking you as well. If they think other girls think you are attractive, then they are more likely to think that themselves.

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