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July 24, 2007

Every Girl Wants You: The Modern Day Theory Of Convincing Any Girl To Date You

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This will be unlike most other Date Demon articles in that it will not be a “what you should do right now to meet girls” article. Instead I am going to explain a new way to view the women either already in or going to be in your life.

Now I hate doing this because every other dating website does Only This. The stereotypical “adjust your behavior and change your lifestyle article” which I think is mostly bull. My advice, though, will be different than anything out there.

I am not claiming a miracle method and that you will be able to convince every girl you even see to be all over you. What I am going to claim though is that if you change your mindset just a little, you can convince girls that otherwise would not be interested into dating you.

Girls Are Confused

The sooner you realize that, the better off you will be. Girls Have No Idea What They Want.

If you ask any girl you know, whether she is a friend or a stranger, what she wants guy wise, the girl will have one of two responses. Either she will say 1.) That she has absolutely no clue, or 2.) Some general quality response like a guy that is nice, funny, and blah blah blah.

The key here is, if she answers with the 2nd response, she is actually saying the same thing as number one. She has no clue at all. She might as well be saying I like a guy with two eyes, two ears, etc.

Those generalizations are the best she could come up with. After her entire, I am assuming 18+ years of life, all that she has been able to convince herself of is that she might want a funny or nice guy. Even if you don’t fit what she just said, which only about 25% will respond with the second response anyway.

Just remember She Still Doesn’t Know What She Wants. Girls Are Confused!

Infomercial Dating

How do you take advantage of this confusion and convert it into dates? Have you ever seen an infomercial really late at night? You’re tired, you don’t have any idea what you really want to watch, and on tv they are selling the miracle item. They are completely convinced everyone can use this item and that you should buy it.

You know it is crap. You know you don’t actually need a knife that can cut through shoes, a smoothie machine, an insane ab exercise contraption, but for some reason you are actually somewhat convinced. Maybe I want that?

You Can Save Her

You don’t have to be the perfect guy, you don’t even have to have money, or be that useful, or that cool, or that smart, or that funny. You just have to first highlight their confusion guy wise. You can do this many ways… the easiest way is to flat out ask them ”What do you want Right Now guy wise?”

Then when they don’t have an answer, all you have to do is have the mindset and attitude that you’re the guy THAT KNOWS! You’re the solution to their problems.

Girls Are Like Going Out To Dinner

Just follow me on this. You know when you want to go out and eat with some friends or family members and no one knows where they want to go out and eat? All they know is a general idea of where they do not want to go.

Girls are the same way, they have no idea what they want in a guy, they have a general idea of what they don’t want but that is the best that they have. All you have to do is act like you know the perfect restaurant, take the initiative and make her think that you know what she wants and not only will it be an exciting place but it will be what she has been missing.

You are that restaurant! Sell yourself! You don’t even have to flat out say that, you can just have the attitude that you are IT.

Now this isn’t the best way to get long term relationships, I will admit that. To be honest it probably won’t even last long. It will however get you to that first date or that first physical contact.

If you are looking for no strings dating, this is a great set up. You get hot girls and when they realize that you aren’t what they want, they will just move on. So you get the girl and you don’t have to deal with her afterwards.

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